Additional Support Service

Based on our long-term experience, we know that many of our transferees and corporate clients are in need of additional services. Thinking about that, we are able to provide support with:

  • Personalized Welcome Gift: receiving a personalized “Welcome to Brazil Gift” will make any transferee much happier. Our gift is tailored-made and might include an Ecobag, our typical Brazilian liquor “Cachaça”, an international adaptor, our well-known Brazilian Flip Flops, a gourmet coffee, a little receipt book of “How to make a real Brazilian dish”, Brazilian sweets among others.
  • Personal Friend: count on our consultants to give a hand to transferees with organizing appointments, accompanying to Doctor’s visits, going to a few nice places to enjoy what the new city has to offer.
  • Security Training on Urban Violence: security is on the top priority list of any transferee. Feel safe and know what to do (and not to do) in the new destination is extremally important. This training offers the opportunity to the transferees to acquire knowledge about the urban violence in Brazil and give tips on how to behave on daily situations in order to avoid being exposed to it.
  • Integration Training: one of the most vital aspects for a successful expatriation is the happiness and adaptation of the transferee and its family to their new destination. To ensure that, the Integration program has the goal to assist the transferees in their adaptation to local culture and habits by giving information about local habits and cultural aspects; rules of social life, traffic, relations with neighbors, service providers and safety hints.