About Us

We know that a successful relocation is a complex process. It requires organization, professional implementation and a genuine care to go the extra mile in order to accomplish the transferee’s expectation.

This is why Relocation House is proud to be specialized in destination services, corporate housing, immigration and taxation to corporations and individuals moving to Brazil, or Brazilians moving abroad, as this focus allows us to continually exceed our client’s expectations. And our eye on quality has remained our guiding value since our inception.

What we believe

We believe that details matter, because it’s the little things that separate good from great. This is why we CARE so much for DETAILS and we empower our team to deliver an extraordinary transferee experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, customized service, at the best cost benefit possible to our clients. We accomplish this by listening, learning and putting into practice a process-oriented service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the relocation company that best understands and satisfies our client’s needs.

Our Values

To deliver exceptional service, we stand on 4 main principles:

Quality: everything we do, learn and carry out is to pursuit excellence.

Integrity: we do the right thing, all the time, every time. No exceptions. No gray area.

Collaboration: total integration with the team, clients and partners.

Client focus: for us, our client comes first, always.

Our Team

Our ReloHouse Team shares the company’s commitment and the people here consider themselves fortunate to be in the business of helping corporate clients and transferees to overcome the challenges of moving to Brazil. They provide custom-based support and a single-point-of-contact management. Different nationalities and cultures have been assisted by our team: Americans, Latins, Germans, French, Spanish and Korean among others.

ReloHouse Leadership dedicates time to seeing that our focus on quality shows up in the daily work we do as well as anticipates problems in order to solve them without reaching out to the clients.